Top 12 Best Garlic Choppers By Home Depot 2020

Mince your garlic quickly at home with the best garlic chopper. It comes in handy to quicken food preparation as well as enhance convenience. You can use this gadget to crush this root vegetable when making soups, drinks, and tasty meals. We have researched for the best garlic choppers in 2020 as follows.

Bestseller Garlic Choppers On Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Chef'n Zoom with Bonus Peeler Garlic Chopper, Regular, Green
Compact design takes up little space in your kitchen. Top-rack dishwasher safe.; Bonus Garlic Peeler
$14.00 $9.99
Bestseller No. 2
Cuisinart CTG-00-SCHP Stainless Steel Chopper,8.2" x 3.9" x 3.9"
Stainless Steel chopper housing and blade; Chop anything from hard cheese to a clove of garlic in seconds

List of 12 Best Garlic Choppers Review in 2020:

#12 Prepworks by Progressive Garlic Cuber

#12 Prepworks by Progressive Garlic Cuber

By: Prepworks from Progressive

The Prepworks cuber is perfect for dicing whole cloves into neat and small pieces. It ensures you have an easy time preparing tasty dishes at home. What’s more, the unique structure can crush directly over food or into a pot with one hand.

This machine is great for stir-fries, pasta, salad dressings, soups, and marinades. It has an integrated comb for convenient and safe cleaning. Also, clean it using a dishwasher to remove any paste remains.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Dices whole cloves
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Crushes directly over food

#11 Best Utensils Stainless Steel Chopper

#11 Best Utensils Stainless Steel Chopper


We love the safety features of this stainless steel chopper to keep your hands free from cuts. Its shiny finish looks great on most countertops to add extra beauty. Also, the spring-activated plunger is easy to press down when mincing your garlic.

Besides, the sturdy construction is suitable for chopping hard cheeses, vegetables, nuts, herbs, peanuts, chilies, ginger, and onions in seconds. And you can remove the bottom lid when cleaning this gadget.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Keeps your hands safe from cuts
  • Easy to press down the plunger
  • For chopping hard cheeses, veggies, nuts

#10 VEEMOS Manual Food Garlic Choppers

#10 VEEMOS Manual Food Chopper


This manual food chopper is fast and efficient to quicken your food preparation tasks. It can cut garlic, vegetables, nuts, and carrots quickly in neat shapes. What’s more, it saves time, especially for busy moms when making tasty dishes and soups at home. Simply pull the string to mince your peppers, garlic, and ginger. Not only that, but also you can crush cottage cheese and boneless meats.

Designed from non-toxic plastic, this best garlic chopper is safe for all types of foods. It comes with stainless steel blades for quick cutting of a variety of foods. Besides, the bowl is large to contain the diced food easily and allow quick removal. Note that the total capacity of this unit is just 170ml for quick carry, use, and storage.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Quickens food preparation tasks
  • Dices garlic, veggies, nuts, cheese, meats
  • Made from non-toxic plastic

#9 AmDONGKING Garlic Press Rocker

#9 AmDONGKING Garlic Press Rocker


You can use this garlic press rocker on both large and small spacings with ease. It has a compact structure that measures 4.2 inches long x 2 inches wide x 2.6 inches tall. Besides, it weighs just 130g to let you carry, store, and hold effortlessly. This machine collects the paste on the back section for easy removal with a spoon. It is made from longlasting stainless steel for comfortable and reliable operation.

Moreover, the multi-use structure lets you mince ginger, chop nuts, and crush peanuts in a breeze. It has a unique oleophobic construction for grinding peeled/unpeeled ginger roots. What’s more, the spacious chamber is easy to clean by flipping it out. Rinse or run through a dishwasher to remove garlic remains and juices.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple to remove the paste with a spoon
  • Easy dishwashing cleaning

#8 Kitchen Innovations Garlic Choppers Press

#8 Kitchen Innovations Garlic Press

By: Kitchen Innovations

Use this garlic tool to grate, dice, slice, and peel your root vegetables. Boasting a silicone structure and two interchangeable blades, you can dice many foods in a short time. Not only that, but also the dicers create cube-shaped results, and the slicers produce thinner and longer garlic. We also like the clear container with raised teeth for the best garlic consistency.

This press will not leave any smells on the hands as you push down cloves between the selected blade and the top. The chamber will catch the minced food product to let you transfer to any recipe or dish. In addition, the smart cleaning blade is easy to remove for safe handheld cleaning.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It grates, dices, slices, and peels
  • The two blades are easy to interchange
  • Leaves the hands odor-free

#7 Ourokhome Mini Manual Vegetable Chopper

#7 Ourokhome Mini Manual Vegetable Chopper

By: Ourokhome

The Ourokhome is among the best garlic choppers that are made from a safe material. With BPA-free plastic and 420 stainless steel blades, they last for an extended time. Also, you get to clean out any food residue much more quickly. This item is multipurpose suitable for grinding fruits, garlic, onion, vegetables, tomato, potato, and many more. You can use the paste to make baby foods, salsa, guacamole, hummus, and salads.

What’s more, this gadget runs without batteries or electricity for enhanced safety. It is a convenient way to process your foods while keeping the hands smell-free. Plus, the compact structure supports quick portability and fits a small kitchen in an RV perfectly. Make sure you pull the cord 5 to 6 times for coarse dices, 1- to 12 times for medium, and 14 to 17 instances for fine paste. In addition, you can mince soft meats such as beef, chicken, and much more.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Made from food-grade and longlasting BPA-free plastic
  • The stainless steel blades chop veggies, fruits, and meats quickly
  • Delivers coarse, medium, fine, and pureed paste

#6 Chef’n 102-540-388 Garliczoom Garlic Choppers

#6 Chef'n 102-540-388 Garliczoom Garlic Chopper

By: Chef’n

Save time and energy every time you crush the garlic at home with the Chef’n chopper. It has a small structure but delivers a powerful performance than the rest. Also, you can press the garlic cloves to the desired texture to keep the hands smell-free. This unit is easy to use by loading your roots into the chamber and roll, resulting in a fine mince. Besides, if you want a coarser chop, minimize the rolling action until you reach the desired consistency.

This machine has an advanced Garlic Zoom that offers more gearing action. The larger finger is secure to hold every time you remove the blade. Plus, the heavy-duty structure lasts longer than most models in the market. We love the green surface that makes an excellent gift for master chefs, new cooks, busy moms, and more people.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Time-saving and energy-saving pressing
  • Presses garlic to desired texture
  • Easy and safe to remove the blade

#5 Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press

#5 Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press

By: Kuhn Rikon

We understand mincing garlic can get hectic when using bulky and traditional tools. If you want to experience a simple and effortless action, just use the Kuhn Rikon press. It guarantees up to 60% less labor than the rest for more user convenience. Also, the powerful lever will do most of the tasks for you to deliver quality and aromatic paste.

Furthermore, the use of stainless steel as the overall metal offers a rust-proof service. It is easy to clean and maintain for longlasting use. What’s more, you can hinge out the sieve every time you want to perform a thorough cleanup. Note that this product is perfect for pressing unpeeled and peeled garlic cloves.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Provides an efficient and effortless garlic mincing
  • The lever is powerful and easy to use
  • Minces both unpeeled and peeled garlic cloves

#4 OXO Good Grips Garlic Choppers Press

#4 OXO Good Grips Garlic Press


The OXO is another best garlic chopper that has a soft handle for more comfort. It leaves your hands free of pain, bruises, redness, and fatigue in every application. Not only that, but also the large capacity chamber holds enough paste to keep the working surface super clean. This gadget comes with an efficient hole pattern that comes in handy to maximize the amount of garlic minced.

We like the built-in cleaner, which pushes out any garlic peels to leave the chamber mess-free. At the same time, you will enjoy a convenient dish-washing cleaning after use. Besides, the sturdy construction is made from die-cast zinc for maximum durability. It can handle daily use without breaking or fading. Plus, the non-slip grips quickly absorb pressure while mincing.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The handles are soft for more comfort
  • Comes with a large garlic paste chamber
  • Simple dishwashing cleaning

#3 Orblue Garlic Choppers Press

#3 Orblue Garlic Press

By: Orblue

This garlic press is made from stainless steel for reliable and rust-proof service. The metal can handle wet and moist foods such as garlic without corrosion. Also, it minces the roots with professional restaurant quality to save time and labor. You can use it every time you are pressed for time or want to finish food preparation more quickly. Plus, you can clean this product by placing inside a dishwasher or running through water.

Additionally, the ergonomic structure, mincing peeled ginger roots, and unpeeled garlic cloves is super easy. Just press the handles for delicious aroma from the paste to ooze out. Note that the peel is left inside to prevent additional work of removing it after crushing. Moreover, it works perfectly for sauces, veggies, meats, or salad dressings.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Rust-proof and efficient service
  • Mince roots and veggies quickly
  • Leaves the garlic peel inside after pressing

#2 Ninja Food Garlic Choppers

#2 Ninja Food Chopper

By: Ninja

The Ninja food chopper is a multi-operational unit that’s perfect for busy moms and those in an active lifestyle. It uses up to 200 watts of power to mince, chop, grind, blend, and prepare meals more quickly than the rest. What’s more, the power pod ensures your hands are free from fatigue every time you crush your roots and vegetables. This item has sharp blades that effortlessly mince, blend, and chop different ingredients for final meal preparation.

This accessory is perfect for different spices, roots, and other food products such as garlic, onion, herbs, cheese, zest, spices, bacon crumbles, chocolate, dressings, nuts, spreads, and sauces. Its total capacity is 16 ounces to keep the mince in a secure position without spilling.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for busy moms
  • Powerful mincing, grinding, and chopping
  • Crushes zest, spices, dressings, and more

#1 Mueller Austria Onion Chopper

#1. Tone Fitness Aerobic Exercise Step Compact Full Sizes

By: Mueller Austria

The best garlic chopper can handle most of the veggies and roots you have in your house. This unit is easy to use, modern, and time-saving. Not only that, but also it chops onions, the hardest vegetable, and cheeses with one swift motion. It reduces the vapors most onions produce to keep you free of tears every time you dice this veggie. Also, the storage container is large enough to hold up to 1.2L or 4 cups of content.

In addition, the premium construction of this accessory has better quality than the rest. Designed from BPA-free material, the food-grade ABS delivers superior brake-resistance. Besides, it comes with two 420-grade stainless steel discs for ultra-sharp service. They can chop even the toughest cheese with maximum ease. Additional features include a cleaning brush and a user manual.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Chops onions, veggies, cheese
  • The container has a large 1.2l capacity
  • Made from break-resistance ABS.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Garlic Choppers

The many factors that affect the performance of your garlic mincer are quite many. For instance, the material used, handle design, sharpness, and much more. Researching and comparing these features can be time-consuming, and that’s why we’ve done all the legwork for the top features.

Handle Design

Check the structure of the best garlic chopper and look at its handle. Does it have an ergonomic shape to prevent pains and handling pressures? Try and test it out at the store to know how simple it is to operate.


Some designs of a garlic mincer are multipurpose for maximum versatility. You can use them to crush garlic, onions, ginger, and other veggies in your house. If you know you are a frequent cook, you can go for this type to ensure you have a smooth food preparation time.

What is the best garlic chopper?

The best garlic chopper works fast and also keeps wastage minimal. It features a practical design and is also easy to operate. This suits the item for beginners and pros. also; it will be versatile and work in many setups including the home, restaurant, commercial kitchen, and other places. Handling the unit is easier courtesy of the ergonomic deign as well s a smooth finish. It’s made from tough materials like stainless steel, which have high tensile strength. It handles the chopping and pressing well and is less likely to warp or break.

It doesn’t corrode, or rust and is easy to wipe and clean. Besides, it maintains its elegance for quite a long time. When hunting for the best garlic chopper, you should focus on popular brands such as Kuhn Rikon, OXO Good Grips, Fu Store, Chef’n, Brieftons, Chef’n Veggichop, Zalik, Weinas, and Mueller.

How do you use a garlic chopper?

Open the garlic chopper. They come in different sizes to suit various types and dimensions of garlic. Take a peeled garlic clove and place it inside the opening/device. It’s important that it fit nicely inside the compartment.

Rotate the arm. This allows the unit to squeeze the garlic cloves. One swing is enough and you dint need to do it too many times.

Finely grated garlic will come from the small holes and will be ready for use. A good unit requires minimal effort and also comes in a nice design that minimizes wastage.

NB: It’s important to thoroughly clean the unit after every use. This stops particles from remaining in the crevices. also, it helps to maintain the shiny appeal and extend its lifespan.

What is the best electric food chopper?

The best electric food chopper is built from strong and durable materials. These include stainless steel and heavy-duty plastic. Therefore, it will put up with the activity well and the probability of it coming apart is minimal. What’s more, it lasts a long time and requires minimal upkeep. It will have a powerful motor that delivers top performance. And Together with high-grade stainless steel blades, it will make easy work of the items. 300- 500-watt powers seem practical for everyday operation.

A good unit is also very versatile and handles different tasks. These include slicing, chipping, and shredding. Also, it works with nuts, veggies, fruits, and many other things. The bowl will have a decent holding capacity to suit the need at hand. Chef’n GarlicZoom, Neepanda, Joie Garlic, Mavgv, and LINKChef are some worthy brands.


When using the best garlic chopper, it comes in handy to help mince different root vegetables in the house. It is perfect for garlic and ginger to eliminate the need for bulky traditional tools that are time-consuming. Also, the best garlic chopper keeps your hands free of pains and fatigue at all times.

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